The wild midwest

April 22, 2013

Being Frank

By Frank James IV

In Wisconsin residents have the right to carry concealed weapons.  There have been over 100,000 concealed weapon permits issued to the peaceful residents of the Badger State.  In Milwaukee they have a lawman that appears to be for armed vigilantism.  This same lawman decries the legal system and judges who are soft on criminals.  With the number of concealed weapon permits and a vigilante lawman Milwaukee has the potential to be the “Dodge City of the Midwest.”

The right to carry a concealed weapon has been a smash hit in Wisconsin.  To many letting good citizens carry guns would nullify the advantage gun-toting criminals had.  It was thought that by letting housewives and average Joe’s carry weapons crime would end.  By having two people shooting, instead of just one, crime would evaporate.  Crime in Milwaukee still exists but many feel if more gun permits are issued crime could vanish.  Low slung holsters and cowboy hats will soon be the rage of Water Street.

In order to recreate the Wild West you need a gunman to serve as the law. Milwaukee has a lawman right out of 1865 Abilene, Texas.  Sheriff David Clarke is a vocal proponent against crime.  Clarke recently made waves when he encouraged citizens to take a gun safety course.  Clarke wanted citizens to do this because 911 response times may be too long.  Clarke ended the radio spot by telling the listeners he and they were partners.  This was a modern day deputizing because even Matt Dillon needed Chester.

Clarke has been accused of calling for vigilantism.  That’s not true; Clarke just believes in armed citizens.  In Dodge City the majority of citizens carried firearms, so modern day Milwaukeeans should also.  Clarke also believes there should be armed tactical forces in schools and other public places.  Along with armed citizens a formed posse always ready would make Milwaukee safe.  But you can’t have law without a few hanging judges.

Clarke has openly attacked the Milwaukee criminal justice system.  In Clarke’s eyes some judges are too soft on criminals. The Hanging Judge Isaac Parker is long dead, which means Clarke can’t call on him. Clarke has belittled judges and even revoked electronic monitoring privileges for criminal offenders.  You have to assume one reason Clarke wants armed citizens is to hold court in the street.  Clarke seems to have no faith in the justice system so a couple of necktie parties on Brady would end crime.

Clarke isn’t the only person with his point of view.  There are many Americans who seem to think guns would curb crime and violence in the United States.  There are millions of people stockpiling weapons who don’t know why they are.  Have guns cut down on crime in any country?  Is having little old ladies packing Desert Eagles going to keep their purses from being snatched?  Sam Colt began making guns over 150 years ago.  How has the manufacture of guns affected the crime rate since the first revolver came off the line?

What is the answer to the violence and crime that plagues all major cities?  If you watch Gunsmoke, guns certainly weren’t the answer for Dodge City.  Maybe firearm training and a 9mm Glock will do what the Colt 45 Peace Keeper couldn’t– end crime.  Well, one thing is for sure; with more firearms and the summer coming, there won’t be a dull moment in Brew City, Wisconsin.

Frank James IV © 2013

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