Asian people: Welcome to the party

April 9, 2020

It has been said that times of tragedy bring out the best and worst in people. I say that what trying times bring out is what is truly inside of people. Many races of color come to the USA and adopt the White American Dream. These races are usually treated good and before long these races adopt the USA mindset and begin to think they have similar status to white people. Usually something will take place and white people will have to remind these races of color that they may live in the USA but they are not white. This recently has happened to the Asian people in the USA. I’d like to welcome the Asian people to the party African Americans have been living in for 500 years.

Over the years there have been people of color who have migrated to the USA and for some reason thought they were equal to white people. In the early 2000’s the Mexican people were being treated well. The US populace even started advocating the use of Spanish in schools to assist the Mexican transition to American lifestyle. Mexican people seemed to be on the way up. Then President Trump hit the scene and put the kibosh on everything Mexican. Mexicans were openly disparaged by white people. Mexicans are still feeling the pain of understanding that in the USA you may have straight hair but if it isn’t of Caucasian origin you may as well have an Afro. The latest race of people to have this shock or eye opener placed upon them are Asians.

Asian people are not new to the USA, Mexicans aren’t either. One group of Asian people, the Chinese, have come a long way and gained stature because of the economic growth of China. Many people believe that China will one day rule over the USA. I beg to differ on this account, but who am I but a simple journalist? With this new economic respect of China, many Asian people from the country began to act like every other race does when it comes to the USA. Asian people began to follow the American Dream. This was fine and dandy until the COVID19 came out. Asian people learned quickly what other races of color found out; Asian does not mean Caucasian.

President Trump has referred to COVID19 as, “The Chinese Virus.” Those words seemed to be a rallying cry for white Americans to remind Asian people that they are not white. It is funny in a sad kind of way to see the Asian people fall for the same okey-doke that Mexican and Arab people fell for. One minute Asian people were flying high in the US and the next they were shunned. This shunning and abuse seems to be traumatic to the Asian people. In New York a hotline has been set up to report racist abuse. I’m assuming it is for everyone but ironically it just was set up once the Asian people began to feel the wrath of white bigots. Ironically the hotline to protect Asians was set up by an African American woman, Letitia James.

Well Asian people, I’d like to welcome you to the racism party that African Americans have been the guest of honor for centuries. Asian people, here’s some advice, “You are not white.” Once you realize this fact, Asian people, you will be able to live in the USA. Hate, racism, bigotry is what races of color get when they forget their lower-than-white-people place in the USA. Asian people, you can make money and send your children to the best schools but never take for granted that you are on equal footing with white people in the USA. There is one major bright spot for Asian people in the USA. At least the white people haven’t begun to lynch you. Well, at least not yet.

Frank James IV © 2020

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