2020 power resolutions

January 2, 2020

The year 2020 is upon us. 2019 has exited stage left, or will soon be. Of course many people will be taking up resolutions that they want to enact in the New Year. 2020 also marks the start of a new decade. With this in mind resolutions should be a bit more intense or serious. What should a modern day US citizen’s resolution possibly be? What is something a US citizen’s would like to change in their behavior?

Let’s throw out of the old resolutions. For the next few paragraphs let’s put away the old stand-by resolutions. This should be easy because most of these old stand-bys never flourish. I’m talking about the simple ones, like giving up chocolate. Another old resolution is not using profanity. Come now people, these traits are easy to break and no one cares. How will the world benefit by you not eating a Snicker bar or using the profane word for feces? Exactly. For the next few hundred words let’s play big, as they say in sports.

One big time resolution can be the act of using your mind by thinking outside the box. Most people already claim they do this all the time. Really? I’m saying make the resolution to look at your mind and analyze your thoughts. It is hard to think out of the box when you don’t understand what or who is creating the box. Try to analyze your mind and thoughts while asking the question, “ Am I the thought or the persona listening to the thoughts?” You may discover more about yourself and the reality you reside in. Take time to create periods of quiet during the day so you can listen to your thoughts unhindered. Silence is golden, especially when you want to understand thought and the box you may be in.

Another resolution can be to only focus on what information is pertinent to your existence. This probably should be the number one resolution. To put this in simple layman’s terms try not to be nosey and mind your own business. If you can stop looking into other people’s lives and focus on you, your life will be easy breezy. Don’t worry about what is going on in DC or 1000 miles from you. Do you realize how much time people spend thinking about other people’s problems or lives? That time can be better spent focusing on making your life grand. Once you listen or read about a problem it becomes yours because you find yourself thinking of a solution. Don’t take my word on this. Think about the last time someone came to you with a problem. I bet you thought about their issue later on or came up with a solution. Am I right?

There are so many excellent resolutions to put into use. Do not force your presence on people. Stop acting like a savage and get some pride about yourself. See people for who they are and not what you wish them to be. If you notice, all my suggestions pertain to the individual. That is true because when you get into that coffin you will be by yourself. So with that thought in mind, all you should focus on is betterment of self. Happy New Year!

Frank James IV © 2019

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