Ten healthy New Year’s resolutions you’ll actually keep

January 5, 2023

Nobody plans to quit their resolutions when they make them; yet studies show that 23 percent of people barely make it through the first week. In fact, only 19 percent of people who make resolutions commit to them for the long haul. Fortunately, you can be a part of the latter group if you make the right resolutions.

1. Add simple exercises

Being more active is a typical resolution but people tend to fail if their goals are unrealistic. You’re more likely to keep it if you make things simple.

You can take the stairs more often, walk to meet a friend instead of taking a taxi, or try a short guided workout in the morning.

Do you want to go even smaller? Lift your leg for 60 seconds at a time while you brush your teeth.

2. Combine outdoor time with socializing

Spending some time outdoors and being with your friends has been proven to improve your overall health; so why not combine them? Plan an outdoor activity with your friends so you can catch up while in nature. If you can work on a garden together, that’s even better.

3. Create a reasonable cleaning schedule

It’s not hard for your home and car to become cluttered. It might be the norm to have a large decluttering exercise or a huge clean-up, but this can be overwhelming and unsustainable.

It’s good to create a smaller daily or weekly schedule that you can maintain. You shouldn’t shy away from delegating tasks either.

4. Find a financial app or two

Another big resolution is financial stability. The details can vary but can include saving more, investing, or cutting spending.

This is a great time to use technology to your advantage. There are apps that can show you easy ways to accomplish your goals and your bank might even have an app that can help you grow your wealth automatically.

5. Make your Bed

This is a really simple one that has a huge impact. A welcoming bed is an essential part of your bedtime routine. Believe it or not, you’ll fall asleep more easily and quickly at night if you make your bed in the morning.

6. Replace one beverage with water daily

Last year’s most popular resolution was eating healthier and 2023 is unlikely to be different. One foundation of a healthy diet is drinking enough water so replacing one beverage per day with a glass of water is a good place to start.

7. Kick one bad thing out of your diet

Many diet changes fail because those people are trying to revamp things too quickly. You’re better off removing one unhealthy thing at a time and replacing it with a healthy alternative. For example, your favorite fruits can replace sweets and chips.

8. Try one new thing monthly

Studies show that trying new things can boost your mental health. It doesn’t have to be something big. It can range from volunteering in your community to trying a new yoga class.

9. Plan one weekly meal

Meal planning can help you to maintain your diet and take the stress out of deciding what to eat every day. However, it might feel overwhelming if you’ve never done it before.

You can start by picking one meal per week to plan. As you consider the recipe, you’ll know what to get at the store and find easy ways to prepare. Over time, you can plan a meal more often.

10. Develop a simple skincare routine

This resolution only requires some initial research – what are the minimum skincare products you need for healthy skin? In many cases, the answer is a good moisturizer and a product that contains retinol. If you have a skin condition, you might need more specific products but the aim is to keep things simple.

How to avoid quitting

According to researchers, there were several key factors behind why people don’t stick to their resolutions. A few of these were the lack of planning, underestimating how much work the new resolution entailed, and the lack of self-monitoring. You can avoid these pitfalls by putting some serious thought into the changes you want to make. It helps to make small changes and be realistic about how much you can really take on with your current responsibilities. Even though the 10 resolutions listed seem simple at the outset, it’s in your best interest to detail what doing them would mean for you.

As the year comes to an end, there’s a lot of pressure to do something new and make changes. However, it doesn’t make sense to commit to something you won’t follow through on. You should think about your resolutions carefully. Making one change that you can stick to is better than making several changes and sticking to none of them.

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