Happy Birthday Salutes! Wishing You All The Best!

March 2, 2018

February 1st
Karen M. Ingram
Jayvion Fumbanks

February 2nd
Donald Driver
Hannah Ivy
Blanche Hogans

February 3rd
Frances Brown
Evelyn Glover
Evelyn Blake
Kiana Hunter

February 4th
Yashika Graves
JaRon Williams
Cleveland Hathaway
Christine Pearson

February 5th
Kylah Lyons

February 6th
Lawrence Smith
Mark Phillips

February 7th
Beniee A. Randle
Trynail Banks
Pastor Joseph H.
Jackson, Jr.

February 8th
Emily Davis
Deborah (Burnside) Turner

February 9th
Joyce Nash

February 10th
Bertha Thompson

February 11th
Lyrics Serenity Bell

February 12th
Stacy D. Ingram
Kieva Smith

February 13th
Terry Taylor

February 14th
Angela T. Fumbanks
Vicki Chamberlain
Dora Hogan

February 15th
Annie B. Banks

February 16th
Steffanie Boyd
Quiana Staten
Charella Butler
Tony Chamberlin

February 17th
Kim Lyons
Tony J. Thompson

February 18th
Tina Spears
Courtney Kelly
Louise Barnett
Jamerh Banks
Charles B. Stokes

February 19th
Andrew Green, Sr.
Gloria Hunt
Ellen Fumbanks
Jamera Ellis

February 20th
Mable Taylor
Channing M. Williams
Margo Gibson

February 21st
Nia Fizpatrick

February 23rd
Chole Ann Taylor
Bryanna Barnes
Jasmine Rammesses

February 24th
Janice Williams

February 25th
Betty Speed
Jeffery Matlock

February 26th
Geraldine Walker
Sandrene Watts
Jo Dean Walker

February 27th
Louis Davis, Jr.

February 28th
Louis Taylor, Jr.
Lyric Burnside

Do you have a friend, family member, or colleague who has just celebrated or is about to celebrate a birthday? Stop by our office with their name on Monday to get them in that week’s edition of Happy Birthday Salutes! Visit us at 1936 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, call us at (414) 263-5088 or e-mail them to miltimes@gmail.com.

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