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Happy Birthday Salutes! Wishing You All The Best!

March 2, 2018

February 1st Karen M. Ingram Jayvion Fumbanks February 2nd Donald Driver Hannah Ivy Blanche Hogans February 3rd Frances Brown Evelyn Glover Evelyn Blake Kiana Hunter February 4th Yashika Graves JaRon Williams Cleveland Hathaway Christine Pearson February 5th Kylah Lyons February 6th Lawrence Smith Mark Phillips February 7th Beniee A. Randle Trynail Banks Pastor Joseph H…. [Read More]

Happy Birthday Salutes! September 2012

September 20, 2012

September 1st Khanamit Cooper September 6th Glenn Martin September 7th Ginnie Martin September 8th Ronald Williams September 9th Nealy G.A. Williams September 11th Dianna Ingram September 13th Sidney Fumbanks, Jr. September 17th Quamae Fumbanks Kendall Johnson September 22nd Rev. David K. Blathers, Sr. September 28th Steven Ferguson September 30th Ellia Fumbanks Do you have a… [Read More]