Spare the rod

October 1, 2014

2014-10-01 12_36_06-Miltimes 9-25-14 issue.pdf - Adobe ReaderWhat is society coming to when a person can’t discipline their child? The answer is the United States of America in 2014. The firestorm that has raged around Adrian Peterson has become an inferno that can’t be quenched. The problem goes beyond Adrian Peterson. The problem has been one that has been debated since the 1960’s. What is a proper form of discipline for parents to administer to their children? It doesn’t matter that Peterson is the best running back in the NFL. What matters is that Peterson had the audacity to use corporal punishment on his child. What type of monster treats a child like this? The answer is many parents who were raising children before 1980. Sadistic maniacs before the adoption
of the African American moniker raised many Black people. Many of the Black people that are celebrated on postage stamps are the result. No one is advocating the use of violence on anyone, much less a child. But what should a parent do when they see their child headed the wrong way? Should a parent who is dealing with a child who is displaying behaviors that may get them killed just sit back and meditate? Since the American public is in an outrage over corporal punishment, then what is the solution? Prisons are being upgraded daily for an influx of new inmates. What many people don’t want to accept is that American society is violent. The media is filled with stories of brutality and aggressive acts. The popular video games are ones that showcase killing. The top rated television shows are usually ones that deal with violence. The top movies are ones that are filled with violence in one form or fashion. How do you deal with someone who ingests such a diet from birth? The modern child ingests a diet of sex and violence daily. Violence has become a way of life that subconsciously has been accepted. This is why you hear stories about bullying and no one reports it. This is why you hear about sex acts taking place among elementary students. With so many outside influences what is a 2014 parent to do? Corporal punishment may not be the answer; but what is? If you love hypocrisy then watch the pundits on television. You have all sorts of ex and current addicts giving their moral judgment. The media has painted a negative picture of corporal punishment so the talking heads are following the script. It gets even more hilarious when you watch the NFL announcers blather on. Many of the NFL announcers are ex pro football players. Some of these same people at one time gave credit to their success to a parent or grand parent who raised them. Since most of these NFL gurus are born before 1980 it’s possible corporal punishment helped shape their success. Time changes the mindset of everybody or at least it should. What worked in the 60’s and 70’s may not work in 2014. The way people raise their children has changed because the people have changed. The trillion-dollar question is, have the changes in American society been positive? Why are people feeling less safe than they did in the 70’s? In truth no one knows. It may be time to retire the rod but will this act spoil the child?

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