COVID-19 and family time

April 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down the entire world. For example, there are no sports being played in the USA. Yet, there are several things from this pandemic that people can be thankful for. One is the quality time parents are being able to spend with their children. With schools being closed during this time parents are enjoying the company of their children. Many of these parents are finally enjoying the fruits of their loins. These same parents now have a better understanding of the daily trials that a teacher goes through.

COVID-19 has caused school districts around the country to close. This along with the fact that many businesses are closed has led to an increase of family time. Parents are being graced with the company of children they raised. Many of these same parents are now understanding that their parenting skills have been lacking. Many parents are beginning to understand that the wonderful behaved child they thought they had doesn’t exist. The stark reality has begun to set in with these parents. Their children are quite possibly fools at best.

Yes, many American parents are realizing that child they send to school may not be the person they imagined. This realization should lead to a greater appreciation of teachers. Parents who have elementary-aged children realize that for several hours a day teachers deal with a problem they created. Many parents who have high school aged children are finding out that their children are not innocent in any facet of life. COVID-19 is not only killing people, it is killing many people’s illusions.

Let’s start with the parent of high school students. Many parents of high school students live in a dream world when it comes to their child. These are the parents who feel their child does nothing wrong. Many people think that it is the lower-income parent whose child does the dirt. This is a wrong assumption. Many problem high school students are from the so called good family. Many of these students drive themselves to school in their own car. A large number of these students are rude and inconsiderate students. Disrespect is common in many high schools around the USA. Since these disrespectful children can’t release at school they are doing it at home.

Middle school parents, I take my hat off to you. This is the level of school where many parents pull their hair out when school is in session from dealing with their child. With school being out parents are home with their middle school child who seems to always be up to something. The middle school student can be tough to deal with. In many cases hormones are kicking in and these children are feeling their oats and trying to sow them. Can you imagine dealing with a hard-headed child who thinks they know everything for 24 hours a day? This is what is happening in the USA at this time.

We won’t cover the elementary students because everyone knows these are the best behaved level of student. Not. Still in the interest of time I’ll let your imagination run wild as you picture these parents locked in with their elementary student.

When this pandemic passes, hopefully things will go back to a semblance of normal in the USA. Once again parents of school aged children in the US will be sending their children off to school. Parents, please be sure to send a thank you card or small gift to your child’s instructors.

Frank James IV © 2020

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