The Mother factor

May 6, 2016

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

There are many factors that go into shaping a per- son. There is race, family and even weight. Experts often refer  to  genetics  as  the defining role in shaping a per- son. There is one key factor that is often downplayed, the mother. The role a mother plays in shaping a person   is immense. The mother factor is often the one that pushes a person to great heights or deep chasms.

What is a mother? Depending on who you ask the answers range from caretaker to babysitter. That question is one everyone has an answer to. The reason being, we all have a mother. This is why the mother factor is so important.

In today’s society  there are probably more single mothers in the  USA  than  at any other point in history. This is why the mother factor is vital to success. A strong mother will create strong children, which leads to a strong country. A weak, uncaring mother will create suspect children that will continue the downward spiral of the USA. Many fathers are screaming ‘what about us’? What about you? Fathers are important, But in today’s society their impact has been nullified to a degree. The strong mother is one who shapes her children to do better than she did. This mother does this not by talking, but by actions. She steps to the plate and teaches her children their ABC’s before they go to school. This mother is their child’s best defense attorney but will admit when their child is wrong. This mother instills morals into them. She  is not perfect, but she expects it from her children because she knows how life will treat them.

The strong mother under- stands her limitations and does something to try to ex- tend these limits. She may  go back to school to ensure a better position. The strong mother may have to come down hard on their child and play the bad guy. This is done with a hurt heart, but with a knowing that if she doesn’t, society will. This mother understands that if she slacks, her children will grow up to be modern day savages. This mother understands the bur- den undertaken when she decided to bear children.

In today’s USA, the moth- er model has been warped. Too often, mothers seek to be their child’s best  friend. In many instances, mothers pamper their sons to the point where they are eternal infants. These neutered sons leave their mother and marry a wife who performs the same role as mom did. In a sense, these infant/men never grow up. This same mod- el of mom will hang out with their daughter trying to re- live their younger days. This mom helps her daughter into the same errors she made instead of warning the child about the trials of woman- hood.

I know people are saying, “Where the daddy at? He has responsibility, too.” This is very true. The father has a key role in the shaping of a child. As stated before, with the increase of single mothers, dad’s role is diminished. This is why the mother factor is so important. The number of incompetent mothers and unfit fathers can be attributed to inept mothers.