Where’s the love?

August 15, 2019

I once heard a lecturer named Bobby Hemmitt state, “Black people hate each other.” This statement was not surprising to me but many found it appalling. I understood what Hemmitt didn’t say that day, “African Americans hate themselves more than each other.” The proof of both previous statements is witnessed every day in the USA. I now add a new bold pronouncement, “African American parents hate their children.” This statement is the only rational answer to the reality of the African American child in 2019.

Many African Americans will complain about the crime in their community. You will hear African American elders moan about the lack of respect and discipline that they observe in African American youth. These same complaining factions will then look right at their own offspring who exhibit everything they dislike and say nothing to them. Many parents know in their heart the problem in the community sleeps in their house. Many elders know the disrespect comes from people who share the same last name. Yet, these people do nothing to correct or curb the behavior. How can these parents and elders say they love their children?

I have witnessed parents’ being cursed out by their grown offspring. This has taken place in front of the grown parents children. Is there no wonder that the children of the disrespectful child treat the grandparent like feces? If a child observes their parent talking and treating their parent badly, how are these children going to treat this same person who is their grandparent? How long will it be before these same children decide to treat their parent in a similar, if not worse, fashion? So how can parents who claim to love their children create such an environment for the child to grow and live in?

The lack of African American love for their child is showcased by the fact African Americans set their children up for prison, exploitation or death. There are some African American males in 2019 that claim to fear the possibility of being killed by the police. With this in mind, why would a loving parent send their teen son out looking and acting like the model the police are supposedly killing? Why would a parent who claims to love their child purchase or supply means to allow their child to walk around looking like the target the police are hunting? If you go into many African American households that have male teens you will see the stereotype that has put several parents on TV crying over a slain child. If you love someone why would you dress, enable and train them to be killed?

The African American female child is a walking example of self-hate and lack of love from parents. How can a parent say they love their child, then do everything possible to make her hate her natural self? How can you love a little girl and then make her wear weaves, wigs, and fake lashes as early as 10 or 11 years old? How can a mother claim to love her daughter when, instead of being a mother to her daughter, she is too busy trying to be her friend?

I know this article may seem shocking to many and make many people upset. I say, “Look at African American people and prove me wrong.” I would love to be in error on this point. Go ahead. Make my day.

Frank James IV © 2019

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