No worries can be a reality

September 25, 2015

We have been trained to believe that worry is a part of life. We worry about things that are mostly out of our control. We worry about other people’s problems not realizing there is nothing we can do about them. Like masochists we seek out reasons to worry to keep our ulcers burning. What if we could be free of worry and their sibling, problems? How many people would give up the worries of life and just live? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about something you have to do? You are in bed dreaming of castles and sugarplums, then you are awake. You are awake thinking about a problem or situation that has either taken place or might.

You roll over and look at the clock and it reads 3:30 a.m. For the next two hours you toss and turn until a restless slumber overcomes you. You awaken tired and the worrying thoughts resume. You are worrying yourself to death. One of the main reasons drugs and alcohol are so prevalent in today’s society is people want to escape. Many say people want to escape from reality and this may be true. In most cases people are trying to escape their problems that they worry over 24-7. When I say worry I’m talking about chronic thinking with no possibility of any action being taken. For example, you are thinking about a gas bill at 3:30 a.m.

The gas company isn’t open, there is no one to listen to your case or take a payment, so why think about it? There is no action that can be taken at 3:30 a.m., go to sleep. Bills aren’t the only things that have people smoking marijuana and drinking gin. Family problems are one of the biggest reasons Walgreens has competition from drug cartels. For some reason we believe family means taking up someone’s problems. What good is it to worry about sister Sarah’s marriage when she lives in another state? What can you do to keep her husband from cheating and spending the rent money? Why bother? Especially if this has been going on for years and Sarah hasn’t moved on, she must like it.

Why are you thinking about it? Potential confrontations keep people on edge. Have you ever been mentally preparing for a conflict that may take place? You are ready to give some person the business if they come in your face? You mentally run through each scenario that might happen. Then once you have a plan you worry over it until the meeting takes place. Usually this meeting never takes place or it goes totally different than the plan you created two weeks before. Are you beginning to see the futility we create for ourselves? Don’t feel bad, I did this for years so I know the feeling. We love worry so much we make it part of things we find pleasure in. Many enjoy sports but they soon bring worry in.

Listen to sports fans and they worry about the player’s lives. Keep in mind many will never meet the player much less know them. You hear people worrying about the team and if the owner will do the right thing. What control do you have over a billionaire’s thought process? Freedom is inside your head, you just have to clear it out of some items. Worry in all its seemingly good forms is useless. Live your life and tackle situations as they come. Don’t create health problems and addictions over issues that may not even take place.

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