It’s okay to feel good

November 20, 2015

feeling-goodAre you feeling good? For some reason people in the world have an aversion to feeling good. We find all kinds of reasons to keep from feeling good and enjoying life. We create problems out of situations and let the past rule our present. Well from now on, I am here to officially say, “It’s okay to feel good.”

I know what many of you are thinking, “Feel good about what?” Some are thinking, “Yeah I feel good, but…” But nothing, we are going to feel good about you. Some of us are a work in progress, but even that is a reason to feel good. Once you see how hard you work to feel bad things will change in your life. Now let’s get started reprogramming ourselves to feel good. The first step is acceptance. To accept the reality of what is can relieve a person of much pain. We often try to make people or situations into something they are not.

This is one of the main reasons many people feel bad because they are trying to change something or someone. To accept situations and people as they are is one of the most freeing acts in the universe. Once you see things and people as they are you can either accept the truth and stay or let it go with a smile. Feeling good is easy once you learn acceptance. All human beings seem to struggle with the fallacy of the cold harsh reality of life. For one, there is no cold harsh reality of life; there is just life and it’s beautiful. When you buy into the thought that reality is cold and harsh you will find ways to circumvent it. One of the easiest ways to escape reality is with a drug.

The most common way is to lie to yourself. To create a false sense of what is and accept the lie is how the majority of people live today. There is nothing wrong with this but rarely does the lie produce a constant feeling of good in life. Drugs, illegal or legal, do not solve anything but will produce more problems. Here’s a hint: give up the Valium and the lies. Life is beautiful. The past is just what it is, the past. How many of you are constantly reliving events from the past? Don’t feel bad, I did this for years. The past can never be changed and, no matter how good it was, it’s not coming back. That is the fact many of us struggle with. We let the past dictate how we see our present. People constantly live in past memories that are hindering their present. We learn from the past but to let it control us is a blueprint for misery. Live for now and let the past be what it is, past.

We constantly think about situations that may or may not happen, inadvertently creating problems. There are no such things as problems, only situations to be dealt with or avoided. We overthink and this leads to us fighting battles in our heads that may never happen. We literally think ourselves miserable. The battles in your head can never be won because they don’t exist. In many cases when the hypothetical confrontation happens it is never as bad as you thought it would be. Don’t think yourself into misery, live yourself into goodness. Life in all forms is beautiful. You have to accept your present and let go of the past. The future is like tomorrow, you never see it. There is always and only now. So eat a bowl of life’s Sugar Frosted Flakes and be Tony the Tiger and feel great!