Spring break

March 8, 2018

Being Frank

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

Spring break is upon us. Spring break is a time where students and teachers take a break from studying or teaching. Many college students go on trips to exotic places. Teachers use this time to plan lessons and prepare for the final quarter of school. The result from spring break is that the final quarter of school goes by quick and usually efficiently. It’s time for everyone to follow the example education has set and take a Spring Break.

The country has been in shock since the events that took place in Florida in February. The tragic school shooting that took so many lives has paralyzed the country. There has been everything from prayer vigils to protests. People have blamed everything from lack of gun control to teacher incompetence in the classroom for the tragedy. The louder people shout indignities the more paranoid other people become. The paranoia that the recent Florida tragedy has created can engulf the USA if unchecked. This is why the people of the USA need a Spring Break.

A break from the sorrow, pain and fear the Florida shooting has created is mandatory. The reaction from the shooting has created much sorrow across the country. People from every state in the Union shared in the sadness that came from Nikolas Cruz’s actions. It is time for everyone in the USA to take a break. Even before Cruz’s rampage, people in America needed a break from sorrow. With this event in mind, the people of the USA definitely need a Spring Break.

Pain is something everyone in the USA deals with. Most people have their own daily dose of pain to deal with. The Florida shooting has heaped an extra helping of pain for Americans to deal with. Pain is helpful to help the doctor figure out an ailment. The pain that Americans are carrying today is useless and needs to be put aside. A nice Spring Break would enable people to remember that life is still grand and worth living.

Fear is the worse result from the events that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Fear has permeated every level of life in the world. When people become scared bad things happen. Cruz’s murder spree has made students, teachers and parents seek increased security for the school building. There are calls for more student searches. There are also calls for armed teachers and other staff. The majority of these demands are the result of fear. People of this country have enough to worry about on a regular basis. More fear will push normally sane people into the insane realm. A nice Spring Break can cure and give people time to recalibrate themselves.

The events that took place in Florida are not the only reasons Americans need a break. Recent events are a catalyst that can trigger changes and reform. In order to make the correct decisions and not knee jerk reactions, Americans need a break. America is in a state of flux. No longer can USA residents take their freedom or peace for granted. Before people start to buy weapons and put bars up on school windows, maybe everyone needs to take a break. Spring Break was designed to give students and teachers a break. The American public needs a reprieve and Spring Break is here, so let’s enjoy it.

Frank James IV © 2018

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