Find your safe place

October 8, 2015


As the world turns there are more examples of ugliness in society. The humans on this planet are being bombarded with a constant stream of negativity. The society we live in is caught between greed and extinction. As of today, the former is driving the people to the latter. This isn’t a race issue, but a humanity issue. As a person you have to find a safe place for yourself. The atrocities covered daily by the media are shocking. The media has created an unnatural need in people for violent news. The majority of people don’t even realize they are addicted to the negativity that pours from their TV. The media constantly barrages people with events that have no immediate effect on their lives. This leads to a need in people to hear more because it gives them a rush. But is this helping them or driving them to an early grave?

The shooting that took place in Oregon last week is another tragedy dealing with guns. The media will put the shooter and the community where it took place right in people’s living rooms. The theory is that an informed populace will make adjustments to prevent this type of event. Has this worked so far? One result will be that every school system in the USA will be paranoid for the next month. Sadly, more people will buy guns to protect themselves. Can you see the irony? No one is saying the media shouldn’t cover the news. The way stories are covered needs to be changed. The spin on certain events, such as shootings and violence, should be redone. For years the media has exposed shooters and showcased victims and nothing has changed. The media tells stories with a negative twist. Why? The population is addicted to negativity just like the heroin junkie craves his “H”.

Many people go into a crazed scramble for safety after events like Oregon happen. Some will buy guns. Others will run to church or try to force political change. Either way has been tried for decades and nothing has changed and won’t. One reason: guns, rifles and assault weapons are here to stay. No matter how many shootings take place, Americans are not giving up their guns. To think otherwise is a foolish notion. How then does one become safe? The safest place a person can be is between their two ears. On the other hand that is also the wildest place many people reside in. To try to find safety with a violent mind is like trying to juggle nitro with no arms. The safety many crave can’t be found in an underground bunker. It can’t be found with more police and gun control laws. True safety has to be found inside the individual. Take a look at your thoughts and be realistic. Are your thoughts ones of succor or borderline rage? Do you think loving thoughts the majority of the time or spiteful ones? Your thoughts lead to actions. If you want to feel safe then check your thought process. It has been said that you change the world one person at a time. Why not start with you?