Milwaukee Association of Ministers honors outstanding teachers

August 18, 2014

outstandingteachersTeachers from schools in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program were honored for their outstanding work in educating children in the city of Milwaukee. A room of 150 guests met at the Radisson Hotel Mayfair for dinner and program on Thursday, March 27, 2014. The program was sponsored by Milwaukee Association of Ministers, of which Bishop Anthony Martin, Sr., was the chairperson for 2014 and Dr. Dorothy Travis Moore, a minister from New Testament Church, was the co-chairperson.
Teachers received an Outstanding Teacher Award and they were from the following schools: Travis Vocational High School, Travis Technology High School, Ceria M Travis Academy, Daughters of the Father Christian Academy, Greater Holy Temple Christian Academy, Hickman Academy Preparatory School, Garden Homes Lutheran School, Parklawn Christian Leadership Academy, Academy of Excellence, Young Minds Christian Preparatory School, Clara Mohammed School, Eastbrook Academy, Holy Redeemer Christian Academy, Malaika Early Learning Center, Early View Academy of Excellence and Saint Catherine School.