MPS celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9, 2019

MPS Superintendent
Dr. Keith Posley

Thank you to every one of the more than 5,000 teachers who work for MPS! Our students, families, and the community appreciate the dedication and hard work that teachers put in every day.

Teaching can be a balancing act of academics, safety, behavior, and student needs, but the majority of teachers say they love their jobs. As a teacher, every day is different and every year starts fresh with a new class of eager learners.

Nationwide, teachers are in demand. A national shortage of teachers means that schools will be searching to fill teaching positions at least through the next five to ten years. Consider becoming a teacher to impact the next generation!

MPS is grateful to our teachers for their dedication, caring, and genuine concern for their students that helps lead to academic success. We encourage the entire Milwaukee community to thank our teachers!

And now a special message from MPS Superintendent Dr. Keith P. Posley:

This first week in May is Teacher Appreciation Week. On behalf of Milwaukee Public Schools, I would like to express sincere gratitude to all our teachers. Because of MPS teachers, our classrooms are educating and graduating knowledgeable and talented students.

Each day, MPS teachers work patiently and tirelessly to educate, motivate, and guide our young people to learn new skills, embrace concepts, and expand critical thinking capacity. This week is set aside to honor the amazing teachers that we are so fortunate to have in district classrooms across Milwaukee. Not only do we appreciate teachers for their meaningful work and contributions, but also for their commitment and perseverance throughout the school year.

As a former teacher myself, I am reminded every single day that the teachers of Milwaukee Public Schools are dedicated to the positive outcomes and personal growth of each and every child. Our teachers understand and embrace the needs of our students and families. As partners in education, teachers have a profound influence on the self-confidence and academic achievement of students.

I encourage our schools, students, and the community to join the district in both showing and sharing appreciation for our teachers this week. Post pictures, tweet tributes, or share Instagram images using #MPSTeacher- Proud.

Thank you!

– Dr. Keith P. Posley
Superintendent of Schools

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