How to keep your peace of mind while stuck inside

March 26, 2020

So, it looks like we will be stuck inside for a while. All that time starring at the same four walls can play on your sanity. So here are some things you can do to help maintain your inner peace in this time of chaos.

1. Call and check on seniors and loved ones.

2. Write letters to your loved ones and friends.

3. Meditate, pray and journal your thoughts (This is a good time to be introspective).

4. Play table games with your children and family.

5. Spring is here! This is a good time to pick up trash in your yard and front lawn.

6. Prepare hot meals for seniors, deliver it to their home, and call them to let them know you’ve dropped it off at their door.

7. Watch family oriented and heart warming movies.

8. Listen to your favorite radio and television station for the latest updates in Milwaukee.

9. Avoid constant negative media and social media — this causes panic, anxiety and depression.

10. Remember, you are not alone — we are all in this together.

11. Call and let your family and friends know you are alright and stay connected. This is good for your mind and heart.

12. Catch up on your favorite book and magazine reading alone or as a family. Read aloud to one another.

13. Try cooking an inexpensive meal or baking a simple dessert.

14. Look for free, enrichment classes online for you and for your child.

15. Play your favorite music and sing along — this is great for your soul!

16. Exercise in your home or in your yard. Stretching and movement is important because it gets our endorphins moving, which is essential to happiness and fighting off depression.

17. Clean out your closets and purge things you’ve been saying, “I need to get rid of that.”

18. Complete a jigsaw puzzle, and if you’re more into words, do crossword puzzles.

19. Treat yourself to a self-massage, facial mask, foot bath that you normally don’t have time for during a hectic week.

20. Eat powerful immune system boosters such as yogurt, spinach, citrus fruits, almonds.

And as with everything in life remember…this too shall pass.