Change your mindset to change your life!

August 16, 2018

By: Priscilla Q. Williams, RN

As an oncology nurse for over 10 years, I have seen patients at their absolute worse. I have been in the room with patients where doctors have given them the prognosis of only months or weeks to live.

Over the years this has given me such a grateful attitude toward life. One of the things I learned over the years is that patients who have a positive outlook on their condition have a greater chance of survival.

When patients give up and automatically think death sentence when they hear the word cancer, it decreases their chances of doing well. Research shows that positive thinking impacts illness recovery and healing. I want to share with you five strategies to help shift your focus, so you can shift your mind to better health.

Have an attitude of gratitude

When you are grateful for where you are in life and thankful for breath and strength, it’s hard to stay defeated. Make of list of all the things you are grateful for including family, friends, a place to live, food to eat and eyes to see.

After you make this list, I know this will shift your focus. Don’t focus on the illness, medication or even the prognosis. But be in the moment and focus on all the things you have right at this very second. This will lift your spirits and make you feel better.

Support is key

It is very important to have people in your circle who have your back. People who will uplift you and help you see the big picture of why you are still here. It’s also important to have a community.

This could be a support group, a church community, or an online community. This will allow you to see other people in the same situation which lets you know that you are not in this alone.

Meditation and prayer

When you take time to meditate and pray you are allowing yourself the space to know that the situation you face is not over. This means you have hope that things can change for you and that you’re not giving up. This also means that you are taking time to get in spiritual alignment with your source.

So, you can have clarity and revelation about how you feel and what lies ahead for you. Mediate in a quiet place and just think about yourself being healed and whole. See yourself where you want to be and not where you currently are.

Listen to inspirational messages

I listen to positive inspirational messages often and it has encouraged me so many times. Inspirational messages give you a glimpse of hope and encouragement. It allows you to hear other people’s stories and to be encouraged by what they have overcome in life.

I have seen many patients listen to inspiration messages while receiving treatments or going through procedures and this has allowed patients to feel eased or relaxed.

Do the things you love

When you are going through a tough time or illness, it’s very important to find the things you love to do. If you love to write, read novels or paint make sure you keep doing it.

This is important to help you switch your focus from your current situation to doing something that brings you joy and peace. When you do things you love, it not only makes you feel better, but it helps keep you in good spirits.

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