Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School presents 25th Annual African American Male and Female Teach-In

March 5, 2020

Photo by Yvonne Kemp

On Friday, February 21, 2020, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School hosted their annual celebration of “25+ Years of African American Male and Female Teach-In,” at the school, 3256 N. 3rd Street. This year’s program was called,”It Still Takes a Village,” and spoke to the need of the Milwaukee community and this nation to begin nurturing a generation of youth to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Each February, the Dr. King School invites community leaders into the school to talk about what they do and how they give back, setting a positive example for the students.

This year’s group of guest included Timothy Boone, Demetrius Brown, Desilynn Smith, Barbara Bracy, Larissa Lampkins- Cobb, Schuyler Ramsey, Pastor Gerald Strong, Imani Ortiz, Darlena Johnson, Hakim Muhammad, Jennifer Wright, Kenneth Gales, Hamid Abd Al Jabbar, Steve Hopkins, Travis Landry, Marvell Brantley, Sherrie Williams, Dr. Monique Liston, William Hayes, Tyrone Dumas, Mickell Daniels, Imani Calloway, Kris Jackson, and Anthony Kazee. The school Principal is Mrs. Anesia Hayes and Program Coordinator in Dr. Janet Butler.