Dr. MLK, Jr. School hosts ’22nd Annual African American Male Teach-In’

March 3, 2016


On Friday, February 26, 2016 the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., School Governance Council presented the 22nd Annual African American Male Teach-In. The event was hosted at Dr. King School, 3275 N. 3rd Street, in the school’s gym. The event theme was, “We Must Restore Hope in the Village,” and aimed to shape future leaders by pairing local African American male community leaders from a variety of areas with young, at-risk African American boys and girls to effectively engage them and help improve their education. The children of Dr. King School and the community need to see African American men who are in leadership positions and have used education as a tool for success. Thus, these children will be better equipped to make serious life choices down the road and become leaders in Milwaukee’s Black community. Their success will determine whether Black Milwaukee thrives or survives.