Let’s start a New Year

January 15, 2014

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

The great year of 2013 is over. The New Year 2014 is upon us and the time for new opportunity arises with its coming. A new year means the possibilities are endless for society and individuals. A new year can bring everything a person or race of people could ever want. One key to achieving what you wish in 2014 is to leave 2013 in the past. We offer a few suggested things to leave in 2013.
In 2013 many people were upset with the state of education in the African American community. In Wisconsin African American children achieved some of the lowest test scores in the nation. The gap between Caucasian and African American 4th and 8th grade students in reading and math was considerable. This disparity could be blamed on several circumstances but we’ve heard all of that before. One solution to this dilemma is going forth capitalizing on where African Americans are and not where they’re not.
If schools systems acknowledged what level students were in a subject and started teaching them from that point results would be different. True, many students of all races would be behind some peers but they would grow. The original focus of education was to teach children, not berate them for what they didn’t know. This is why society must leave the focus on test scores in 2013. A fresh outlook in education that focuses on student growth from where they are currently instead of where they should be would help society greatly.
In 2013 many African American leaders proceeded to do what they have done for decades, make people miserable. Many African American leaders gain notoriety off of the misery of the people they claim to help. These leaders rant continuously about the conditions African Americans are in, thus creating misery. Rarely do any of these gurus offer a viable solution to the problem that society as a whole would consider. The majority of African American leaders use television to gain publicity to ensure they go home to plush living while the people they lead go home mad. Let’s leave the African American leadership in 2013; it’s high time African Americans began to think for themselves.
The love of Jordan gym shoes has been a fad and embarrassment in the African American community for two decades. Michael Jordan parlayed his playing career into a shoe line that has a brand known worldwide. In the African American community the shoes have become something of a curse. When a Jordan shoe is to be released African Americans lose all touch with reality. Jordan shoes are nice but the maniacal behavior exhibited by African Americans for them can be left in 2013. Jordan is wealthy so he won’t miss the notoriety.
The last thing to leave in 2013 is African American self-hate. This of all things listed will be the hardest to leave because many don’t see it. The self-hate many African Americans have for themselves and others of their race is so prevalent it has become normal. Listen to the R&B music that has made the females freaks and men effeminate thugs. The ease with which African Americans can kill or degrade one another is also blatant proof. Until African Americans learn to love themselves no other race is going to want them or respect them. Self-hate should definitely be left in 2013.
2014 is a new year and with endless possibilities. The way your year pans out is ultimately up to you. This life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest and no one can say what’s the correct way to do this. If you leave 2013 behind and start fresh then 2014 is your opportunity to live life as you please.
Frank James IV © 2013
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