The inheritance

June 6, 2019

Being Frank

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

When a person passes on to the next world they often leave their belongings to the next of kin. If a person does not leave their belongings to their kin they may leave it to others who may have been close, or to an institution. The act is viewed as an inheritance. In the USA today African Americans are getting their inheritance from the people who shaped their minds.

In 2019 African Americans are getting their inheritance from white people. After years of loyal service to the people who oppressed them in every form, African Americans are getting their just rewards. These rewards are not simple things such as 40 acres and a mule, but total assimilation. African Americans are receiving the ultimate inheritance. African Americans have been willed the gift of whiteness.

At the end of the movie Avengers: End Game Captain America gives his shield to the Falcon. The Falcon gets emotional as he grasps the shield, which symbolizes the USA in comic books. In a sense this was the Falcon’s inheritance. Captain America was passing on his legacy to Falcon to uphold and continue to stand for American ideals. It’s ironic because The Winter Soldier, Bucky who was Captain America’s sidekick nodded his approval. In fact it seemed as if Bucky didn’t want the shield. Maybe Bucky knew something Falcon didn’t.

Captain America giving the shield to Falcon symbolized the blessing of whiteness. The good Captain was passing on his ideology, beliefs and burdens to Falcon. Bucky was smart enough not to fall for the feces and let Falcon have the burden. In 2019 you see the manifestation of African Americans gaining their inheritance from the USA. You see the inheritance in the African American youth. You see the inheritance in the African American female. The blessed inheritance of whiteness has made these two factions invaluable to the continued legacy of white people.

The African American youth acts like the white youth in 2019. This is especially true when it comes to parent child relationships. There was a time you couldn’t pay an African American child to talk back to their parents. The disrespect of parents is now commonplace in the African American community. African American children view their parents with the slight contempt many white children view theirs. Many parents have used their inheritance to act like their white peers and spend money, not time on children and have similar results. Sadly even though African American youth have inherited the white mentality they didn’t get the white skin.

The African American female has used her white inheritance to make herself a mockery of womanhood. At one time the African American woman was a strong part of the race. In 2019 the African American female isn’t even a shell of what she once was. The misguided belief that weave and wigs take African American beauty to a higher level has warped their minds. The pursuit of material objects and a willingness to be modern- day bed wenches showcases a total acceptance of the white inheritance by the African American female. A total fake that thrives on freakish pleasures dictated by their white inheritance is what the African American female is in 2019.

The African American male has embraced the boy role that was attached to him centuries ago. The majority African American male mentality has been retarded to the point that all they understand is childish things. Sports dominates the African American male’s mind. Is it any wonder that you often see the African American male walking behind the African American female, like a child? The African American male inheritance was for him to stay a child and never be a man. The African American male embraces this and other males with a passion.

African Americans, enjoy your inheritance. The people of the world salute you as you take whiteness to another level.

Frank James IV © 2019

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the writer and not of the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper or NCON Communication, its staff or management. “Being Frank” is a bi-weekly column exclusive to the Milwaukee Times

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