Thanks and more thanks

November 14, 2019

It is November, which means that Turkey Day is upon us. Thanksgiving is here in the USA. The celebration of the Pilgrims surviving and thriving in America is one of the USA’s most celebrated holidays. Families will get together and embrace each other while adding a few thousand calories to their waistlines. It is time for everyone to be thankful and here are a few things people should be on their knees thanking the heavens for.

One of the main things citizens of the USA should be thankful for is President Donald Trump. I can hear people screaming, “He has lost his mind to be saying be thankful for Trump.” This may be true but no other president has freed the USA like Trump has. No other president has brought out the festering hate that has always been a part of US society’s conscience like Trump has. Trump has allowed closet racists and bigots to come out and express themselves without backlash. Trump has created an atmosphere where you know what is coming, and by knowing this, you can act accordingly. The allowance of certain people to finally express their hidden racism and bigotry is a blessing because it lets people be themselves and allows others to know whom they are dealing with.

US citizens should be just as thankful for the role assimilation has played in making everyone the same. The original goal of many civil rights protests was to get equality for everyone. Well, assimilation took it a step further and made everyone the same. Every race in the USA basically looks and acts the same. The females all wear long straight hair and some form of workout leggings. The men wear jeans or some form of sports gear and a baseball cap. Music has become so bland that you don’t know what race the entertainer performing comes from. There is no discerning rhythm or beat, just sounds coming from a computer that all US citizens can jerk to in a stiff motion called dancing. This is a blessing that US citizens should light candles over in appreciation.

Citizens of the US should eat some turkey in celebration of social media offerings like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms protect people from the burden of living their own lives. With these wonderful distractions people can always look at their phone or computer and nose into other people’s lives. These platforms allow people to share important information, such as what their dinner plate looks like, with the world. Platforms like the previously mentioned ensure people do not have to be alone or not have a plentiful source of misery to consume. Social media ensures that people are always focused on what others are doing, which means they are absolved of living for themselves. The relief of the burden of creating your own experiences is worth eating a pumpkin pie or two.

Other things US citizens should be thankful for are the educational system which produces programmed unthinking drones. The various law enforcement agencies that keep certain factions in line with tough yet caring hands…the fact that no one is anyone in the USA is a celebration in itself. Yes, good people, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. Eat, drink and be merry and make sure to post your Thanksgiving meal on social media.

Frank James IV © 2019

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