Floyd Mayweather pays funeral expenses for George Floyd

June 11, 2020

Floyd Mayweather | George Floyd

Former champion boxer Floyd Mayweather will pay the funeral expenses for George Floyd who died in police custody after Derek Chauvin, who was fired from his job as a Minneapolis police officer, pressed his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck until he stopped breathing. On June 3, Keith Ellison, the Minnesota Attorney General, announced additional charges of second-degree murder against Chauvin and charges of aiding and abetting murder for three other former Minneapolis police officers who assisted Chauvin as he restrained Floyd.

Floyd was lying face down on the sidewalk with his arms handcuffed behind his back for close to nine minutes. Before falling unconscious he repeatedly said he could not breathe. The incident was filmed by several bystanders. The murder occurred May 25.

Leonard Ellerby, CEO of Mayweather’s production company, announced the news on ESPN. Mayweather has agreed to pay funeral expenses in Minnesota, Houston, Charlotte and an unnamed city. The price tag is $85,000, according to TMZ.

Floyd, a native of Houston, will be buried there. A service honoring Houston’s native son was held for him on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. An estimated 60,000 attended the event.

Mayweather won boxing titles in five weight divisions en route to a 50-0 career record.