Obama is the best man for the job

September 20, 2012

President Barack Obama

It has to be overwhelming being the first Black president of the United States. Just consider the kinds of conversations that we continue to listen to or participate in at church, in barbershops and beauty parlors or at our own kitchen tables.

As the Democrats met recently for their national convention and formally nominated Barack Obama as their candidate for the presidency, many of us were wagging our tongues complaining about what he has not done for Blacks. Let’s be honest — Obama was not elected to cater to the whims of Blacks alone. In fact, had he relied solely on our votes, he would be back in Chicago chilling with Michelle and the kids along Michigan Avenue.

Obama won because he was able to cross ethnic, religious, economic and social lines. Since then he’s had the onerous task of trying to please everyone at the same time. Even more, he has faced a Congress of mostly blue-eyed, blond-haired white men who are still wondering how in the heck a Black man got into the White House in the first place.

They have made their mission crystal clear: We are going to do whatever we can, legal or “slightly illegal,” to make sure he does not get the chance to take up camp for another four years. So, we can let Mitt Romney take over. Or we can make a stand, donate our dollars, get folks to the polls, reject Black conservative madness and make sure we have a real chance for equality in America. There’s only man who cares enough to make this a better country for all — and he is not a Mormon.