New Year new you

December 27, 2018

The New Year is upon us; 2018 has gone into the trashcan of history and 2019 is gleaming with shiny newness. A new year is here, wonderful people. Why not begin it by becoming a new improved version of yourself? How, you ask? Easy, by reconciling with your past and accepting the present.

No matter how the year 2018 was for you, 2019 is a blank slate. Many people carry the woes of previous years into a new one. This is commonplace the world over. But what if you could leave the emotional burdens of the past behind and enjoy the present; would you? I will go with the answer yes and proceed on how it can be done.

Emotional burdens often keep us from achieving the goals we set for ourselves in all aspect of life. In relationships we carry memories of interactions from previous romantic escapades that hinder growth in our current relationship. In the workplace we often carry negative experiences from other jobs to our current place of employment. These emotional burdens from the past impact us in ways that often make our daily experiences hell. It is time to understand what happened in the past and accept the events and move on.

A bad experience in a relationship five years ago should not keep you from enjoying your present love interest. Every time something happens that doesn’t meet you approval does not mean that the current person is doing the same thing to you that the person five years ago did. If you take the time to rethink the past relationship, you may find that you may have played a big part in the result. This is why many people will not do this because it is easy to blame someone else. Over the years your mind will change the events to match your perception, and you wind up believing a lie. If you reconcile the past you will see the present clearer. You will understand that you are recreating the same scenario in the present relationship that you did in the past. Then you can be honest with yourself and correct the situation or move on free to find a new romantic interest without the emotional burden.

At the work place we often find ourselves complaining about the same issue daily. If you have moved to a different job and new work environment but are dealing with the same issues from the previous workplace, you have a problem. Ask yourself, “What is the same from my previous job and this one?” The answer looks you in the mirror daily. Either on a conscious level or subconsciously, you have taken the issues from the previous workplace to the new one. If you look back at what happened on the previous job, you may realize that you may have been a key factor in your misery. Once again take the time to rethink the previous experience and see where things went sour. Be honest with yourself and then look at the present situation and make a decision about the job.

Reconciling your past can be done anytime of the year. Since a new year is here, this is the perfect time. You can then make a resolution using your unburdened mind to ensure you reach the goals you want for yourself.

Frank James IV © 2018

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