Resources guide families through student learning

November 20, 2019

Family engagement is critical to the success of students. When parents understand what their children are learning and how to reinforce lessons at home, students are more likely to thrive and achieve.

To support family involvement, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) has created a number of resources including grade-level Parent Guides to reading, writing, and math; A Parent’s Guide to Assessment; and MPS Reads monthly reading lists. “Parents have a lot to navigate these days in trying to keep up with their children’s lessons,” said Superintendent Dr. Keith P. Posley. “These resources will help families monitor progress and know what questions to ask of teachers. Parents tell us they appreciate being able to talk to their children about their school work and also understanding when to seek extra help.”

Grade-by-grade Parent Guides provide a detailed look at what students are learning in reading, writing, and mathematics at each grade level. Tips are included to help support children’s learning at home.

Understanding Your Child’s Assessments is designed to help families understand the types of tests used in MPS and how they are used to improve student achievement. The guide includes ways to communicate with your child’s teacher about assessments and how families can support their student during assessment time.

MPS Reads is an exciting resource to help students and families select age-appropriate books. New lists are published monthly and include multicultural titles and current topics that youth are concerned about.

Access these materials on the Parent Guide web page and on MPS Reads at Families are always encouraged to talk with their child’s teacher regarding any questions about their progress.