Internet Brutalized LeBron With Crying Memes Following The Cavs Game 2 Destruction

June 6, 2016
LeBron James

Getty Image

Though many expected this year’s NBA Finals to lean strongly in the Warriors’ favor, the first two games of the series have been even more lopsided than most could have anticipated. Things are not going well for LeBron James and his Cavaliers, who are heading to Cleveland down 2-0 and desperately looking for answers to this Warriors team on the verge of beating them in the Finals for consecutive years.

As you’d expect, the internet has had about as much disregard for LeBron’s feelings as Steph Curry and his Golden State teammates thus far. After all, it’s 2016…i f you’re a superstar and at the helm while your team gets pummeled on a very large stage, you can pretty much guarantee you’re going to get Crying Jordan’d. For better or for worse, that’s just how things operate these days.

If it’s any consolation, at least LeBron has been victimized by some strong Photoshops — you know, in addition to his jumper — to this point.

Sure, the series isn’t over yet, but that may actually be more of a negative than a positive for LeBron and the Cavs at this point. They haven’t showed any signs of being able to compete with the Warriors, so basically it just means that there’s more time for the internet to find creative ways to make fun of LeBron.