Misery and addiction

October 22, 2015

trapped-woman-325pxPeople have an unnatural addiction to misery. This is one reason CNN and MSNBC report news constantly without interruption. They are supplying misery for consumption by the viewer to satisfy their need. The viewer is the addict and media is the dealer. The media isn’t the only suppliers of misery. Misery is big business and others have stepped up to supply the masses. Family is another major distributor of misery. People willingly share misery with others who have the same parentage. Often the misery becomes a topic that creates division in the family. One sibling will see the misery one way, another will disagree. The end result is a family divided over an issue that was something minor to begin with. Misery permeates all facets of American life. You see people at work sharing their tales of misery with co-workers. These co-workers hover over the miserable person like vultures. The sympathy exuded is a cover for the leeching of emotions. In a sense people are getting off on others’ misery. The shared misery takes up a life of its own when the new host retells the situation later. The misery has spread like a plague. Sports are supposed to be games played or watched for pleasure. Sports today creates misery on a scale unparalleled in history. People delve into the players’ lives and suck their privacy away. ESPN has made millions by making sports more intriguing than politics. The fun and relaxation of watching sports has been replaced with mass hysteria and borderline panic. Don’t believe me? Just wait until Auburn plays Alabama in college football. Misery all but kills personal relationships. How many people are truly satisfied in their relationship? Do you find yourself pretending to have problems because your love interest has them? By pretending misery you find yourself in true misery. Many people only understand trials and misery. You may want happiness but if your love interest is a misery addict, you’re done. The only way to appease a misery addict is to let them go so they can overdose on CNN and Empire. There are ways to combat the misery addiction. One way is to seek beauty in any forms it comes. There are millions of beautiful things in the world. You can go outside and look at the sky when it’s clear and watch the clouds. There are beautiful places to visit that are full of peace and serenity. An art gallery or museum are two options. There are even books and television shows that deal in beauty. The easiest way to avoid misery and find beauty is to not judge. Try not to judge anyone or anything that comes into your presence. Judgment creates opinion and if the opinion is negative, misery is on the way. To give up judgment clears your vision physically and mentally, enabling you to see beauty. It also frees you from the need to hear others’ problems or discuss them. You find that without an opinion on topics, you don’t create misery by judging. Life is truly what you make it. There is nothing wrong with enjoying misery. If misery gets you what you want, then go for it. The choice, along with the world, is yours.