It’s back to school time! College students (Week 2)

August 12, 2016

There are many parents who are sending their student off to college for the first time. Going from high school to college is a huge transition. It’s epic in a child’s life! A child is moving from the comfort of their parent’s home to move into a dorm in some cases in a different city, town or state. For some students it is their first time away from home for an extended period of time. Join this writer in praying for all of our students who are moving into this new chapter in their life. Pray for their protection and that they will select the circle of friends who will be a help to them rather than a hindrance. This week, for those first-time college students, here are a few must-have supplies, compliments of
Adhesive page markers. Marking your textbooks with page markers will make your studying efforts much more efficient. Use different colors to indicate certain topic points for easy reference.
Backpack/messenger bag. You will most definitely need a bag to carry all of your textbooks and your laptop across campus. You have a variety of bag options to choose from, such as a standard backpack, a messenger bag, laptop bag, etc. If you purchase a high-quality bag, it should last you throughout your college career.
Binders/folders/notebooks. Every student has a preferred method of taking notes and keeping these notes organized. If you prefer paper over digital, be sure to obtain a binder or folder for each course for better organization.
Calculator. Even if you don’t plan to major in a field that requires a lot of math or science classes, you will still be required to take at least one math and/or science course in your general education studies. Your major will determine the type of calculator you will need. Check with your major department for specific calculator requirements.
Flash drive. With the advent of free cloud storage, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, a flash drive is not as big of a necessity as it has been in previous years. However, there are still a few benefits of using a flash drive for your college documents, such as maintaining physical custody and security of your files and not needing internet access to retrieve your files.
Highlighters. These are a must-have for college students. Use highlighters to make the most essential information in your textbooks and notes stand out.
Index cards. Studying with index cards is a great way to learn material. Writing subject matter on index cards will help you better retain information, and the cards are easy to take on-the-go to use as flashcards.
Laptop/printer. Some colleges require students to have laptops, while others do not. And while you will have access to your school’s computer lab, the convenience of having your own will make the cost worthwhile.
Pens/pencils. Even if you will be taking notes digitally, you will still need pens and pencils.
Printer paper. You will be writing a lot of papers in college so be sure to stock up on printer paper.
Stapler. Carry a mini stapler in your backpack as you never know when you may need to turn in multiple pages for a class assignment.

Student planner. From test dates to group meetings to extracurricular activities, your schedule will surely be packed. A planner is crucial for time management and will help keep you on top of your busy college calendar.
Beloved, this list is not exhaustive. Depending on your student’s major, certain essential supplies, not listed here, will be required. Students should check their syllabus for each of their courses. When purchasing, check out to get the best deals on school supplies.

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