It’s the only holiday

October 31, 2019

There are several holidays that people celebrate in the world. There are holidays that celebrate the wearing of plaid clothing. There are religious holidays that celebrate deities. With the majority of these so-called holidays, many people do not know the origin or who created the celebration. There is one holiday of which you know the origin, your birthday. This is one holiday everyone should celebrate vigorously.

Let’s say a person celebrates the Fourth of July. Other people will point out that this day celebrates the formation of a racist nation. Thanksgiving is said by some to be a celebration of the beginning of the end for Native American people. I won’t even begin to bring up the controversy religious holidays create. Your birthday, on the other hand, is one day no one begrudges you for enjoying. There is no political controversy or religious debate about your birthday. With this in mind, people should make birthdays the major holiday on their calendar.

A birthday is the beginning of a new year for a person. I know the world says January 1, or in China, January 25. If you really take the time to think about it, your years started on the day you were born. This is when the clock started for you on this level of existence. If you were born on one of the previously mentioned New Year dates, then kudos. For everyone else who was not born on a sanctioned New Year, then your year starts on your birthday. This is the day you stepped into the world. Your birthday is the day you should make your resolutions.

I know people will disagree or say, “My birthday is just another day.” That is a reasonable assumption and their right. If one’s birthday is just another day, how can you get fired up to celebrate the birth of a nation? How can one get dressed up to celebrate the death of their savior? How can one even justify sitting down and overeating to celebrate the landing of savages on Plymouth Rock? Oh, I get it. People have been told to celebrate these dates and many have these days off work. Well, good people, I’m here to tell you the creation of these holidays may be sketchy at best; but your birthday is a known commodity. You know who and why you are celebrating.

First, my rocket scientists, never work on your birthday. There are such things as personal and sick days to be used to ensure you have your birthday off. Why would you go into a job you probably do not like and work on the holiest of holidays? Even if you do like your job, why go? Unless you own the business, the company will get along just fine without you for 24 hours. If you do own the company then make it a company, holiday. Give the workers your birthday off. An unscheduled paid holiday works wonders for employee moral and loyalty.

Next, take time to ponder what you have accomplished and intend to manifest in the upcoming 365 days. This is when you can decide upon a course of action that will make your time at this level of existence good for you. This is also the time you can make those resolutions about what you want to give up. Taking the day off gives you peace of mind to make these decisions with a clear mind and focus.

Do not see anyone you don’t want to be around on your birthday. Why bring a bore to a party? Many times during the year you have to listen, do or be around people and situations you find unpleasant. Do not let this happen on your birthday. It is your day to enjoy in any way you feel that doesn’t break any laws.

Finally Great Ones, look up your zodiac sign and find out what good may come to you according to the stars. One key piece of advice to remember: Scorpios rule the Universe.

Frank James IV © 2019

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