Wisconsin primary results prep voters for fall election

August 14, 2014

download (1) 220px-Leon_Young_2009 527c0eaeb08e4.preview-620 6c32ab_b8b0c3e5f70d442ca04b65ea509f7c24.png_srz_980_498_85_22_0.50_1.20_0 cover_story-1 susanhappWisconsin voters who went to the polls on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 were bombarded with an avalanche of television advertising in several key races.
In the primary election for governor, the state’s current governor, Scott Walker, didn’t have a primary election to worry about. Nonetheless, his campaign for the state’s highest elective position did try to persuade voters not to elect Mary Burke, who was Commerce Secretary during the Doyle administration. Walker’s television commercials lambasted Burke, a Trek bicycle executive, for shipping a huge percentage of their bicycle business overseas.
Burke, on the other hand, ripped Gov. Walker for Wisconsin being last among Midwestern states in the creation of jobs. She lambasted Gov. Walker for not reaching his 250,000 job creation pledge during his first administration as not truly working for the citizens of Wisconsin.
Burke handily defeated her long-shot Democratic rival, Brett Hulsey (D-Madison), 259,385 to 52,020.
The race for Milwaukee County Sheriff was another high-profile race, which featured Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., and Milwaukee Police Lt. Chris Moews. This rematch attracted outside moneyed interests in both camps.
Moews’ campaign received financial boost from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s political action committee to the tune of $150,000 to defeat Clarke. On the other hand, Sheriff Clarke’s campaign was given a boost by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

It was shortly after midnight Wednesday morning when Clarke came to the hotel where his victory party was being held to express thanks to his wife, parents, several community leaders, and campaign supporters.
With nearly all polling places reporting, Sheriff Clarke received 54,071 votes to Moews’ 49,919. A cloud still hangs of this race because 6,000 absentee ballots are yet to be counted.
In another key race, three Democrats faced off in the Attorney General’s race. Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, defeated State Rep. Jon Richards of Milwaukee and Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne. Happ will face Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel in the Nov. 4 election.
And in another key race, Congresswoman Gwen Moore handily defeated Gary R. George in the Fourth District Congressional race 52,380 to 21,234 votes.
In State Assembly 10 District Democratic Primary, the winner was Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen receiving 3,991 votes to Bria Grant receiving 1,554 votes.
In the State Assembly District 16 Democratic Primary, State Rep. Leon Young received 2,309 votes to community activist Tracey Dent’s 1, 376.
The general election will be held Tuseday, November 4, 2014.