President Obama greeted by jubilant crowd

October 30, 2014

As the Wisconsin gubernatorial campaign comes
to a close, President Barack Obama flew into
Milwaukee Tuesday, October 28, 2014 to help
seal the deal that may help elect the first female,
Mary Burke, the next governor of Wisconsin. To a
jubilant crowd of thousands who assembled to see
the first African American president, Obama left no
doubt why he was here. “Wisconsin lags the rest
of the country when it comes to job growth,” said
Obama, adding “I don’t know why you’d run on
a platform of making sure some folks don’t have
health insurance.” The president’s comment was
in reference to Gov. Walker’s refusal of Medicaid
expansion money. The president’s appearance at
North Division High School left little doubt among
African American voters that he was here to rally
the black vote, which electing Burke could hinge
on. Mary Burke (right photo) is pictured with
President Obama who reminded voters that the ID
requirement had been suspended for next week’s