Democratic candidates perform well in primary election

August 16, 2018

On Tuesday, August 14, 2018, Wisconsinites all over the state went out to vote in the fall primary election. The voter turnout reached almost a million voters, with an overwhelming number of those being Democratic voters. That is not surprising with anti-Republican sentiment running high since Donald Trump’s presidential win in 2016. Two of the most watched races this election cycle were the primary race for Governor and Milwaukee County Sheriff.

The governor’s race this primary was packed with 8 Democratic candidates seeking a chance to run against Republican Governor Scott Walker. The top three candidates in the race were State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers, firefighter Mahlon Mitchell, and tech entrepreneur Kelda Roys. While Mitchell had a strong showing in Milwaukee County, winning the county by 35 percent of the vote, and his opponent Tony Evers only placed 2nd in Milwaukee County, Evers won almost every other county in the state, giving him 42 percent of the vote state-wide; while Mitchell only earned 16 percent; and Roys earned 13 percent state-wide.

The other highly contested race this primary was the race for Milwaukee County Sheriff. After the retirement of longtime controversial Sheriff David Clarke, three primary contenders emerged for the position: acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt; former Milwaukee police officer and Major League Baseball security official Earnell Lucas; and Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff Robert Ostowski. During the race Schimidt was dogged by many of the scandals that had wrought his predecessor’s tenure as Sheriff and thus suffered in the polls, predominantly with the African American and Latino communities, while Lucas excelled. And the poll numbers Tuesday reflected the sentiments, with Lucas winning a whopping 57 percent of the vote. Ostrowski, failed to gain traction against his better-known and better- funded competitors in the three-way partisan primary. As there is no Republican candidate running against him, Lucas looks to be officially made the new County Sheriff in November.

In the other top races in Milwaukee, Mandela Barnes will be running with gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers against Republicans Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore beat out a third attempt by Gary George to unseat her as the Democratic candidate.

Wisconsin Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin will face off against Republican challenger Leah Vukmir in November.

In a tight race for the State Assembly 16th district, Kalan R. Haywood II, the son of real estate developer Kalan Haywood, Sr. beat out Supreme Moore Omokunde, the son of Congresswoman Gwen Moore.

In the State Assembly 19th district incumbent Rep. Evan Goyke also won his democratic race.

All Democratic candidates who won in the primary will face off against Republican challengers in the November general elections.