Wisconsin General Baptist State Laymen honor the work of Senior Deacons

October 10, 2019

Photo by Ivory Britton, Jr

On Saturday, September 21, 2019, The Wisconsin General Baptist State Laymen hosted their Annual Senior Deacons Recognition Gala at the Hampton Inn & Suites, 8201 West Greenfield Ave. The keynote speaker was Reverend Joseph Alexander.

This year the laymen honored eleven local pastors including Rev. Dr. Mary Jean Lewis-Jiles, Rev. Dr. Ellis Wilkins, Rev. B.L. Cleveland, Dr. Betty S. Hayes, Dr. Donnie Sims, Rev. John K. Patterson, Rev. Dr. Louis E. Sibley, III, Dr. F. L. Crouther, Rev. Dr. Archie L. Ivy, Rev. Dr. Russell B. Williamson, and Bishop Leon Davis.

The senior deacons that were honored were Prof. Richard Lewis, Raymond Twitty, Alvin Hill, Michael Payne, Otha Pitchford**, Joseph Bedford, Moses Daniel, Arthur Riley, Clinton Campbell, James Daniels, Doniva Davis, Samuel Hogan, Reginald McNealey, Lloyd Newton, Roy Jeanes, James Weary, Joseph Willingham, Andrew Beatty, Joe Eison, Virgil Stephens, Jeff L. DeBerry**, Willie J. Johnson, Steve Washington, Lonnie Tucker, Anthony Brown, James A. Bynum, Roy Ford**, Horace Jones, Donald Little, Kenneth Miller, Terrence Reed, Harold Wilburn**, Joseph Williams, Mathew McKnight, Oscar Hodnett, Dan C. Morris, Jesse Ware, Jessie Davis, Sr.**, Dan Gaddis, William Avant, Kenneth Blanchard, Willie Richardson, Lonnie Kincaid, Damon James, Reacy Armstrong, Alfred Seuell, Charles Belin, Eleazar Wortham, Phillip Barber, Tony Moreland, and Melvin Martin.

The event was organized by Wisconsin General Baptist State Laymen President Leonard Cratic, Jr. and General Chairman Bennie J. Morris, Sr.; The Laymen are a part of the Wisconsin General Baptist Convention whose current president is Reverend Keith T. Evans.

** Deceased