Vice presidential hopeful Tim Kaine visits Milwaukee

August 12, 2016

DSC_0541Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine
outlined Democratic presidential candidate Hillary
Clinton’s five-point plan to increase the number of
“family supporting jobs” during a visit on Friday,
August 5, 2016 in front of a crowd of more than 250
supporters at the Lakefront Brewery on Commerce
Street. Kaine said that if elected President Hillary
Clinton would make the biggest investment in jobs
the U.S. has ever attempted. He criticized Clinton’s
rival, Republican presidential candidate Donald
Trump, as the “you’re fired” candidate, contrasting
the line Trump made famous on his reality television
show, The Apprentice, with Clinton’s five-point plan
to invest in infrastructure, make it easier for unions
to organize, make college education affordable,
raise the minimum wage and eliminate loopholes
that allow the wealthy to avoid paying a proportional
Photos by Steve Waring share of income taxes.