Nation’s Moviegoers Laugh and Applaud. But It’s Not a Film

October 14, 2016


DEBATECINEMA — Inside one of the theaters at the Regal Cinema movie complex in Washington’s Gallery Place/Chinatown, the audience of mostly millennial’s sat in one of the darkened theaters and laughed loudly at the dialogue and pictures on the big screen.  But it wasn’t a film that had the audience chuckling. It was the presidential debate.  They were part of the thousands of people across America who took the cinema chain’s offer to watch the presidential debate free at one of its theaters scattered across America.  Patrons ate popcorn, candy, and slurped down sodas and enjoyed a good laugh while critiquing the verbal battle between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.  TAJ BRAYBOY 770 words w/art.  Photos by Taj Brayboy, Howard University News Service