Overall crime rate in Milwaukee has decreased 8 percent, according to police

July 7, 2022

Chief Jeffrey Norman and Mayor Cavalier Johnson provided a mid-year crime report that indicates that the overall crime rate in 2022 has decreased by 8 percent compared to 2021.

“While we should all be encouraged by the decreases we have seen in several crime categories, we need to work as hard as ever to continue to address the violent crime, reckless driving and auto theft challenges that are affecting our community at an unacceptable rate,” said Chief Norman.

The crime category that alarmingly increased during the 2022 first semester was homicides by 38 percent. “It’s been heartbreaking to see the stories over the course of the past week or so where there have been three-year-old kids who have gotten their hands on guns and have been shot,” said Mayor Cavalier Johnson. The mayor insisted that those who have a gun at home should make sure that kids don’t have access to the weapon. “There are gun locks available free of charge from the police department. Just come in and ask for a gun lock.”

WISN 12 News reporter Nick Bohr asked the Milwaukee Police Chief what grade he would give the police department on crime at the midway point, and the chief said a “B.”