Neu-Life Community Development hosts cigarette butt clean up

January 17, 2019

Neu-Life FACT youth Diamond, Amunique, Komari and Destiny collected the most amount of cigarette butts during a clean-up near Neu-Life.

Youth from Neu-Life Community Development FACT group did a cigarette butt clean-up that educated the youth on how prevalent cigarette butt littering is in their northside neighborhood. The youth did a one hour blitz, where they went out in groups to see which group could collect the most cigarette butts and/or cigarette litter. They were shocked at how much they each found in such a short amount of time. The youth plan to do more awareness events in 2019 to educate the neighborhood on the amount and impact the littering has on the image of our neighborhoods.

FACT is Wisconsin’s Youth Tobacco Prevention Program and more information about FACT can be found at More information about Neu-Life can be found at or on our Facebook page.