Aldermen unanimously OK citywide e-cig ban, sending proposal to mayor

June 21, 2018

The Milwaukee Common Council on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 unanimously approved a ban on electronic cigarettes, sending the resolution to the mayor for consideration.

The proposed ordinance would make the devices illegal anywhere regular cigarettes are already prohibited, such as bars and restaurants. Business owners will be required to enforce the policy.

Aldermen Michael Murphy and Cavalier Johnson proposed the measure to address three issues: air quality, concerns e-cigarette batteries can explode, and health consequences associated with using them.

“The e-cigarettes can be very harmful and we know the industry has been trying to target young people, specifically people of color. So I think this puts us on the right direction,” Murphy said.

Mayor Tom Barrett has 10 days to approve the measure. If he signs it, the ordinance would take effect after 30 days.

Eleven other Wisconsin cities already have bans on e-cigarettes in place, including Greenfield and West Allis.