Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity launches Harambee Neighborhood Revitalization Project with $1 million grant from Bader Philanthropies

January 2, 2020

Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity (Milwaukee Habitat); a nonprofit helping families in need of safe, affordable housing; announced on December 19, 2019, it is launching a neighborhood revitalization project in Harambee. With an initial grant of $1 million from Bader Philanthropies, Inc., Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity will be establishing 40 new homes and ensuring current homeowners can avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes by completing 20 critical repair projects in Harambee over the next four years, which is anticipated to serve more than 200 of the community’s residents. Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity hopes to break ground on the project in Harambee during the spring of 2020.

The $1 million grant kicks off a larger neighborhood revitalization project to serve 250 families in need of safe, affordable homes between 2020 and 2023. Together with Bader Philanthropies and all of its crucial supporters, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity will invest more than $18 million to build 100 new affordable homes in Harambee and Midtown and repair 150 homes throughout Milwaukee’s Harambee and northwest neighborhoods. Milwaukee Habitat will be working on the Harambee project as it continues to build, rehab and repair 100 homes in the Midtown neighborhood, which it started in 2018, as well as providing affordable home repairs throughout Milwaukee’s northwest side. “This first grant from Bader Philanthropies increases our capacity to begin work in Harambee in 2020, a year earlier than planned, while still meeting our commitment to build, rehab and repair 100 homes in Midtown,” said Brian Sonderman, executive director of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. “In fact, we will be able to extend our commitment to Midtown and work in both neighborhoods concurrently in 2020 and 2021.”