Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy hosts first annual ‘Brain Game’

May 19, 2022

Photos by Yvonne Kemp

On Friday, May 6, 2022, Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy (MESA) hosted the school’s first annual “Brain Game.” The Brain Game is a compendium of scientific information learned during the current school year. Participants were assisted by the vehicle of critical thinking, and introspection of their own personal intellect that they bring to the table as scholars.

The event also was to celebrate their scholar’s success by highlighting their science knowledge. The Brain Game is part of the many new programs, new curriculum, building improvements and changes introduced by new MESA principal Janet Colvin.

“Brain Games help to activate their ability and empower them to perform at a higher level but, also a deeper level of thinking. Science is all around us, it impacts us culturally, regardless of the zip code in which we reside,” said MESA principal Colvin.

Photos by Yvonne Kemp