Louisiana parish bans sagging pants

April 22, 2013

Louisian parish bans sagging pantsBy Krystal Crossman

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. A style that is hot to wear one week may be old news the next. Some fashions, such as bellbottom jeans, even make a comeback years after they have gone out of style.  One style that isn’t getting much support these days is sagging pants. Residents in some cities say that they are tired of getting unwanted views of another person’s underwear.

An ordinance was passed by the Terrebonne, LA, Parish Council that prohibits people from wearing pants that fall below the waist in public. If individuals are caught wearing their pants this low, a $50 fine will be imposed for the first offense. After that, the person committing the fashion crime may have to do community service. The vote was 8-1 with council members.

The ordinance will now go to Parish President Michel Claudet. Once he signs it, the ordinance will be in effect for everyone in the city. The only person who opposed this ordinance was Terrebonne Parish Councilwoman Beryl Amedee. She said that it violated a constitutional right of free expression.

The ban on saggy pants is becoming a trend, with many other Louisiana cities and parishes joining in to fight against sagging pants and exposed underwear. Other cities that have bans as well are Cocoa, FL and Hawkinsville, GA.

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