Kareem Abdul-Jabar returns to Milwaukee with one-man show, ‘Becoming Kareem’

September 13, 2018

Photo by Yvonne Kemp

On Friday, September 7, 2018, Iconomy Multi-Media and best selling author and sports legend Kareem Abdul-Jabar (back row, left) brought his hit one-man show “Becoming Kareem” to the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts Uihlein Hall in downtown Milwaukee.

This was a homecoming for Kareem, as he had started his professional basketball career with the Milwaukee Bucks. The show was moderated by Wisconsin 105.7 FM sportscaster Bill Michaels (back row, right).

The show is based on Kareem’s best selling autobiography of the same name. Kareem talked about what he had learned in his career as a basketball player, actor, author, philanthropist, diplomat, political activist, and about those that had inspired him throughout his life.

Pictured with Kareem are some of the young basketball players and their coaches from various schools in Milwaukee.