Kareem Abdul-Jabbar celebrates Black History Month with MPS students

March 19, 2020

South Division High School welcomed former Milwaukee Bucks player and NBA legend Kareem Abdul- Jabbar on February 28, 2020. Students took part in activities that included a roundtable discussion with Jabbar in celebration of Black History Month.

A six-time NBA Champion, NBA All-Star, and one of the greatest players in NBA history, Jabbar has proven that he is more than just his basketball career—he is an activist first. Retired for more than 30 years, Jabbar has made continuous efforts advocating for racial and religious issues within our country. As a best-selling author and the executive producer of the documentary “Black Patriots: Heroes of the Revolution,” he has shown his passion for racial and religious equality, education, and advocacy efforts.

As part of South Division’s Black History Month event, students Vel Song and Malaya Hunter sang the Black National Anthem in front of Jabbar and their fellow students. Pulaski High School alumnus Rashawn Jackson read his original poem entitled ”This Generation.” Prior to the event, students watched and reflected on Jabbar’s documentary. This led students to engage in an open discussion with Jabbar on the theme “Shoulder to Shoulder.” Students then had the opportunity to ask Jabbar questions about his documentary, his former NBA career, and how he manages to get involved and give back to others during retirement.

Students were excited to meet and engage with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and learn about his personal journey and to ask for advice as they prepare to venture out on their own. At the end of the event, students and faculty presented Jabbar with an award and his very own South Division Cardinals attire. Jabbar personally presented all students at the event with an autographed cap. The event was an uplifting celebration to close Black History Month and a chance to highlight the importance of students’ activism in their own school and diverse communities.