Hi-Mount School students are ‘Present to Learn’

April 21, 2013

Hi-Mount School students are present to learnHi-Mount Community School has embraced a school wide attendance program entitled Present to Learn. The program is designed after the game Bingo. Each day when all students are present, the class will post a letter from the phrase “Present to Learn.” The school is proud to announce that Mrs. Seewald’s third graders from room 14 are the first to reach Bingo. These third graders encouraged Each other and their parents were very supportive in getting the children to school. Mrs. Seewald stated “the families of room 14 were great partners in this incentive program and wanted our class to be the first to reach Bingo.” Mrs. Dinkins, principal of Hi-Mount Community School, says “the name ‘Present to Learn’ reinforces to the children daily why they come to school and for what purpose.” Once a class wins Bingo, they will start the process over again. The class winning Bingo the most will get special recognition at the end of the school year.



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