Attend Freshman Bridge on August 1 and 2

June 20, 2019

MPS high schools will host Freshman Bridge to help new students get prepared for a great freshman year. Attending Freshman Bridge helps students be ready for the first day of class, settle in quickly, and discover the support available in high school.

All 9th-graders should attend Freshman Bridge! This is a chance to:

• Find your locker and your classrooms
• Get your student ID and tour the school
• Understand how high school works
• Meet your teachers
• Check out after-school programs, clubs, and sports
• Get tips from older students
• Learn about credits and the importance of GPA
•Visit your school’s College and Career Center
• Be on track for graduation
• Get your Class of 2023 t-shirt!

Check your program times on August 1 and 2, and learn more at