Attend Freshman Bridge on August 3–4, 2022

July 21, 2022

MPS high schools will host Freshman Bridge to help new students get prepared for a great freshman year. Attending Freshman Bridge helps students be ready for the first day of class, settle in quickly, and discover the support available in high school.

All 9th graders should attend both days of Freshman Bridge. This is a chance to:

• Find your locker and your classrooms
• Get your student ID and tour the school
• Understand how high school works
• Meet your teachers
• Check out after-school programs, clubs, and sports
• Get tips from older students
• Learn about credits and the importance of GPA
• Visit your school’s College and Career Center
• Be on track for graduation
• Get your Class of 2026 t-shirt.

Register for Freshman Bridge, check your program times on August 3–4, and learn more at