Gee’s Wellness Clinic now offers free COVID-19 vaccines

September 16, 2021

Photo by Yvonne Kemp – Pictured at the event are (from left) Anthem Community Relations Representatives Tanisha Collins-Johnson and Jesus Barbosa; Gee’s Clippers Owner Gaulien “Gee” Smith; Vivent Health Prevention Specialist Kevaughn Griffiths; and Trinity MBC Pastor Rev. Harold Turner.

Gee’s MKE Wellness Clinic is located inside Gee’s Clippers at 2200 N. Dr. MLK Jr., Dr. The wellness clinic is sponsored by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and supported by 17 Milwaukee community-based organizations and provides health education, referral resources, and even testing and vaccines to keep you and your families safe. No appointment or haircut required, just stop in and ask to speak with a ‘Wellness Gee’nuis.’

During a recent visit, Rev. Harold Turner, pastor of Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, learned about the clinic which builds on the trust and strength of the barbershop among African American men. Clinic staff are supplied by Anthem. Pastor Turner is hoping to persuade any Milwaukee pastors not yet vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus to reconsider and to encourage members of their congregation to receive the vaccine.

“Pastors are like first responders for families in times of joy and tragedy,” Pastor Turner said. “In times of tragedy, pastors often come in contact with a large number of people where social distancing is difficult to practice. If pastors are unwilling to get vaccinated to protect their own health, they should do it to protect their families and those to whom they minister,” he said.

Estimates vary for if or when the U.S. will achieve population immunity, but most experts do not believe the U.S. has achieved that threshold. If a larger percentage of the adult population does not receive the vaccine, there is a possibility that the U.S. could face another shutdown this winter.

“Pastors want to do their best as first responders and they want to come back home safely to their families,” Pastor Turner said. “If pastors really want to do their best for their family and flock there really is no excuse.”