Community Brain Storming: Will Bucks arena benefit the African American community?

July 9, 2015

IMG_9231Nearly 300 individuals convened at St. Matthew CME Church, 2944 N. 9th Street, to hear what elected officials and stakeholders had to say about funding for a new Milwaukee Bucks Arena, which appears to be stuck in a holding position. Republican lawmakers who comprise a majority in both chambers of the legislature don’t believe they have enough votes to push through a proposed $500 million arena to replace the Bradley Center. The hang-up on this project is $250 million in public funds, which escalates to $400 million when interest is included. Ideas being tossed about are as follows: Milwaukee County would pony up $80 million over a 20 year period by allowing the state to squeeze Milwaukee County residents for $80 million in unpaid fines over a 20 year period. The City of Milwaukee’s commitment would be to erect a $35 million parking structure and put another $12 million in tax incremental financing.